Wishworks FAQ's

What is Wishworks?
Wishworks is an app that makes holiday and birthday gifting endlessly pleasant. Simply create a Wish List and share it with your friends and family. In a few clicks they can buy the perfect gift and share their own Wish Lists in return.
Will you share my information?
Absolutely not. We don’t sell data - we only use your information to keep you connected with friends and family (and to send an occasional email update).
How can Wishworks save me money?
The app compares prices between Best Buy and Walmart to find the best deal on your gift. We’re working on adding more retailers, too!
How do I sign up?
So glad you asked! Just download the app in the App Store or from Google Play to get started. If you received someone’s Wish List via email or text, you’ll need the app to view it.

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Can I notify my family and friends that I have created a Wish List?
Yes. Simply enter their email address or mobile phone number and notify them via email or text message about your Wish List (and the Wishworks app) being available.
Can I edit an existing list?
Yes, you can always go back and edit your Wish List for items that haven't been marked as purchased yet or add additional items. Don’t forget to share your updated Wish List with your family and friends, so they know that it has been updated!
Do the items have to be purchased at Walmart or Best Buy?
No. Users can simply use the app itself or print your Wish List and shop wherever they choose. They should just mark the already purchased items accordingly. You want to make sure you get everything you asked for! ;-)
What if I didn't get all my wishes from my list?
Well, first of all: shame on your friends and family! How could they not fulfill all your wishes! ;-) Second, and jokes aside, just re-use the Wish List for the next occasion, edit the existing list or add new wishes. Your next birthday or the Holiday Season is coming up for sure. Just give it another try! :-)

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Why should I use Wishworks?
Wishworks significantly reduces the gift shopping time, by having all items from your family member's or friend's Wish List in your app and to purchase the gift(s) directly from within the app and get them delivered to your doorstep. In addition, you can also just visit your local retailer and have the Wish List handy anywhere any time by pulling up the app.
How do I sign up for Wishworks?
It takes a few seconds to sign up. You will most likely have received the details of a Wish List of a friend or family member via email or text message. Just download the app in the App Store or from Google Play and open that Wish List in the app, see what gifts the sender wishes for and select one or more from that list. Simply mark them as reserved or buy them directly from within the app at Walmart or Best Buy and get the items shipped to your doorstep or send them directly to the address of the loved one who asked for it. Alternatively, you can just use the Wish List in the app or in email as a traditional shopping list and purchase your desired item at a local retailer.

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