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The beauty of Wishworks is its simplicity.

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Create your Wish List

Your list has only the gifts you’d love to have, whatever your passion may be.

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Wishworks is more fun with friends! Invite them to see your Wish List (and create their own).

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No need to shop around - Wishworks will find the best price for you when you select a gift.

Make Someone Happy

Make Someone’s Day

Who doesn’t love an unexpected surprise? It’s easy to brighten your loved one’s life with Wishworks.

Gifting - Simplified

You love your friends and family.
Now love shopping for them.

Easy Gift Shopping


We wanted a better way to give gifts to the people we love. Kids grow up fast, friends’ interests can change on a dime. We knew technology could help us stay engaged with our loved ones’ interests and save money buying them gifts. Giving and receiving should be rewarding - we’re passionate about making it simple, too. Wishworks is the result.

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